Beef Cuts For Roast, Hawke's Bay NZ

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Whole Eye Fillet
The Emperor of Steaks! Undoubtedly the most tender cut, our eye fillet will melt in your mouth.

From $91.99 per kg

Eye Fillet - 600g Fillet
This is the ‘Emperor’ of steaks. The 600g fillet is the perfect size for a special occasion for two or three people.


Scotch Fillet - Whole/Half Fillet
Also known as the Cubed Roll, this well-marbled cut is the perfect centre piece when entertaining a crowd.

From $91.99 per kg

Sirloin (Fillet)
Also known as New York Strip Steak, or Porterhouse, the Sirloin is well marbled, balanced by glorious beef flavours.

From $58.99 per kg

Great level of both tenderness and flavour, Matangi Rump is a versatile cut

From $30.99 per kg

Topside - Lean Roast
Topside is also known as the “easy to carve” roast.

From $24.99 per kg

Silverside is the top part of the Round; a working and tasty muscle makes fabulous well basted roasts.

From $23.99 per kg

Eye of Round
The Eye of Round comes from the bottom of the Round (back leg) of the beef.

From $23.99 per kg

Bolar Blade
From the Chuck, the Bolar Blade is one of those hard-working muscles that carry loads of meaty flavour; an ideal cut for a roast or braised beef.

From $25.99 per kg

Matangi Chuck comes from the base of the beef’s neck, it is a strong very flavourful, muscle that will do great braised, stewed or roasted.

From $27.45 per kg


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