We believe that New Zealanders have the right to taste the very best beef produced on New Zealand pastures in an ethical, conscientious, and sustainable way.

Soil Health

Having healthy microbiology in our soils helps give us clean water, healthy plants and ultimately healthy animals. We achieve this by-

Adopting a regenerative approach by farming with higher grass covers. Farming with higher covers enables the grasses to go to seed, giving good soil cover and biodiversity.

Fertiliser is used sparingly. We have reduced our synthetic fertiliser rate by about 66% over the past 3 years. We have a no synthetic nitrogen policy.

We have subdivided paddocks which allows for quicker stock rotation around the farm and reduces soil compaction.


Water Quality

We do not irrigate. All water is gravity fed around the farm from natural springs, we do not use pumps.

We have fenced off water ways and are riparian planting 2000-3000 natives in the fenced off areas ever year. This improves the water quality in our creeks and streams. Every year 100 - 200 trees are planted to mitigate soil erosion and add shade for our animals.

Ethical farming practices are at the forefront of Matangi which translates into the flavour and texture of top quality meat that has been dry aged before coming available to chefs and homes in New Zealand - Regnar Christensen, Executive Chef, Black Barn Bistro, Hawkes Bay

Animal Health

We take a proactive and preventative approach to Animal health. This means that we are continuously monitoring our land and our animals.

Although we also run sheep and lambs on our farms our Angus Cattle herd always has access to the best available grass and takes feeding priority over other stock. That way they grow continuously, which ensures consistent quality and texture of the meat.

Our goal is to make the life of our stock as stress-free as possible. and to ensure our stock experience a life that is as stress free as possible, by minimizing yard time, keeping load noises to a minimum and allowing them to roam with the same animals throughout their life.

Solar Energy

We have minimised our energy use through the installation of solar panels and gravity fed water systems. All our farm buildings run on Solar Energy.

Packaging and Delivery

With packaging we have balanced environmental considerations with the need to protect and preserve our perishable product.

We use:

Recyclable Chilltainers as our boxes due to their thermal properties.

Nice Ice Packs, a water-based ice pack with recyclable plastic packaging, which can be disposed of down a sink.

Where possible other packaging materials are paper or wool based (for insulation).

We are happy to collect packaging from our clients in
Hawkes Bay for reuse.

NZ Post are our chosen courier for our overnight deliveries. Their person-to-person domestic deliveries are now carbon neutral.


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Keep up to date with us