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Matangi Quick and Tasty Box (FROZEN)
Frozen for your convenience. A box of tasty meal options which are quick to prepare.


Matangi Freezer Essentials Box (FROZEN)
Frozen for your convenience. A box of Matangi favourites to have on hand.


Matangi Low and Slow Winter Warmers Box (FROZEN)
Frozen for your convenience. A selection of tasty cuts to slow cook for tender, flavourful meals.


Matangi Roast Box (FROZEN)
Frozen for your convenience. Craft succulent roasts, hearty casseroles, and mouthwatering mince dishes with ease.


Bolar Blade
From the Chuck, the Bolar Blade is one of those hard-working muscles that carry loads of meaty flavour; an ideal cut for a roast or braised beef.

From $23.99 per kg

One of Low and Slow amateur’s favourite cuts.

From $24.99 per kg

Matangi Chuck comes from the base of the beef’s neck, it is a strong very flavourful, muscle that will do great braised, stewed or roasted.

From $25.99 per kg

Eye of Round
The Eye of Round comes from the bottom of the Round (back leg) of the beef.

From $21.99 per kg

Hand Diced Beef (1kg or 10kg pack)
Our Hand Diced Beef is perfect for your pies or winter casseroles.

From $28.99 per kg

Also known as Sirloin Tip, the Knuckle is a working muscle from the thigh, which means loads of flavour.

From $24.99 per kg

Marrow Bones - Pack of Canoes (approx. 1kg)
A real connoisseur’s delight, roasted Marrow Bones are an easy to cook treat for anyone wanting a decadent, rich meat experience.


Oyster Blade
Oyster Blade, Mock Tender or Chuck Tender comes from the Chuck, the base of the neck.

From $21.99 per kg

Navel-End Brisket
Navel End Brisket is flatter and squarer than the (Point End) Brisket. It is also layered with more fat.

From $21.99 per kg

Premium Dry-Aged Mince (500g pack)
Once you’ve tried Matangi Mince, you will never want any other!


Great level of both tenderness and flavour, Matangi Rump is a versatile cut

From $27.99 per kg

Hand Crafted Sausages- Classic Beef (approx 500g)
Perfect for the whole family- even those tiny Beef lovers!


Schnitzel (approx 400g pack)
The most tender Beef Schnitzel you will ever taste.

From $30.99 per kg

Silverside is the top part of the Round; a working and tasty muscle makes fabulous well basted roasts.

From $21.99 per kg

Shin - Bone In Shin - Bone In
Sold Out
Shin-Bone In (Whole)
Affectionately known by one of our smallest fans as 'Harry's Bone in Lollipop'!

From $22.99 per kg

Shin - Bone Out
Sold Out
Shin-Bone Out (Whole)
Shin is meat from the shank of the hind-quarter.

From $23.99 per kg

Shin Steaks- Bone In (1kg)
Sold Out
Shin Steaks- Bone In
For Osso Bucco that is incredibly tender and full of flavour, look no further!

From $22.99 per kg

Shin Steaks - Bone Out (1kg)
Sold Out
Shin Steaks - Bone Out
Shin is meat from the shank of the hind-quarter.

From $24.99 per kg

Stock Bones
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Stock Bones - 1kg Pack
A favourite with Chefs, our stock bones can be cooked long and slow to create the most flavourful Matangi Angus Beef Stock.

From $11.99 per kg

Matangi Steak Knife
Sold Out
Matangi Steak Knife
This steak knife embossed with the Matangi logo is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.


Matangi Steak Knife Set (4 Knives)
Sold Out
Matangi Steak Knife Set (4 Knives)
Set of four steak knives embossed with the Matangi logo.


MEATER® Thermometer Plus MEATER® Thermometer Plus
Sold Out
MEATER® Thermometer - Plus
50m range. The same awesome smart meat thermometer PLUS extended wireless range!


MEATER® Thermometer Block MEATER® Thermometer Block
Sold Out
MEATER® Thermometer - Block
The Block connects to a wireless network of your choice to give you full freedom from your grill, smoker, or kitchen - Access your cook from anywhere.