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Flat Iron- Single Steak
“My favourite steak” says Jamie Oliver, about the Flat Iron Steak. Need we say more?

From $45.99 per kg

A Brazilian Steakhouse favourite cut!

From $42.99 per kg

Ooh la la! Bavette is a French gourmet’s favourite cut! Perfect cut to marinade.

From $38.99 per kg

Short Ribs
Matangi Short Ribs are beautifully marbled and loaded with flavour.

From $38.99 per kg

One of Low and Slow amateur’s favourite cuts.

From $26.99 per kg

The Tri-Tip is a star at the Santa Maria BBQ Festival in California, and for good reason.

From $38.99 per kg

Petite Tender/Teres Major
This little-known butcher’s cut deserves to be in the spotlight.

From $52.99 per kg

With an open muscle structure and strong beefy flavours similar to Bavette, the leaner Flank is a great cut for marinading then quickly grilling.

From $32.99 per kg

Great level of both tenderness and flavour, Matangi Rump is a versatile cut

From $30.99 per kg

Chuck Ribeye
The name says it all. The same muscle as Ribeye but further in the Chuck (neck).

From $32.99 per kg

Marrow Bones - 4 Canoes (approx. 1kg)
A real connoisseur’s delight, roasted Marrow Bones are an easy to cook treat for anyone wanting a decadent, rich meat experience.


Eye of Round
The Eye of Round comes from the bottom of the Round (back leg) of the beef.

From $23.99 per kg


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