Marrow Bones & Stock Bones

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Marrow Bones - 4 Canoes (approx. 1kg)
A real connoisseur’s delight, roasted Marrow Bones are an easy to cook treat for anyone wanting a decadent, rich meat experience.


Stock Bones - 1kg Pack
A favourite with Chefs, our stock bones can be cooked long and slow to create the most flavourful Matangi Angus Beef Stock.



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MEATER® Thermometer Block MEATER® Thermometer Block
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MEATER® Thermometer - Block
The Block connects to a wireless network of your choice to give you full freedom from your grill, smoker, or kitchen - Access your cook from anywhere.


MEATER® Thermometer - Plus
50m range. The same awesome smart meat thermometer PLUS extended wireless range!