Learn about Dry Aging

At Matangi, it is our mission to produce the best 100% grass-fed Angus Beef for New Zealanders. In order to achieve this result from any beef, it needs aging. Aging means we take the time to let our carcasses hang on the bone for three weeks. Should our clients desire, we use German made DRY AGER™ cabinets to further dry-age our beef.

What is Dry Aging?

The dry aging of meat is a traditional technique that is used to enhance the natural flavour of meat and ensure it is incredibly tender. During the aging process enzymes break down the connective tissue between the muscle fibre, tenderizing the meat. Simultaneously, the cut of meat loses moisture, which concentrates the flavour of the meat.

Should you choose to custom dry-age your Matangi beef, your cut will be placed in a DRY AGER™ cabinet. In this cabinet it is exposed to consistent temperature, steady humidity and optimal air quality. Here, it can mature and rest and reach its highest possible grade. In a DRY AGER™ cabinet, Matangi Angus Beef is able to breathe, and mature.

Matangi’s dry aging, makes already brilliant beef into exceptional beef." - Alfie Ingham, Chef, Hugo's Bistro, Auckland

The Dry Aging Process

Whilst undergoing the dry-aging process, dry-aged beef darkens on the outside to the colour of blood sausage and a crust is formed, similar to that of bread. At the end of this process, this crust is trimmed away and the meat is separated from the bone, or cut into steaks. Dry-aged beef can then be prepared on the grill or in a frying-pan – just as a normal steak would. There is no need to add flavour enhancers such as rubs, just a bit of salt is all you need.

The result is like nothing you have ever tasted before. Incredible texture, intense flavour (deeply beefy, nutty and almost cheese like aromas)- dry-aged beef is known by beef connoisseurs as “the King of Steaks”.

Please note: Optimal tenderisation occurs within 28 days of dry aging. Only flavour and texture will continue to intensify after this point.

International Trends

In modern times dry-aging of Beef has it's roots in New York, Boston and Chicago. Exceptional Butchers like DeBragga in New York's Meatpacker District have pioneered this trend in the 1980s and have since built big scale dry ageing facilities in order to supply top steakhouses with customized beef.

Legendary Brooklyn based Peter Luger Steakhouse is also one of the trend setters. He alone serves about 1.500 steaks a day – all of them meticulously dry aged in his own facilities. Tomahawks, T-Bones, Rib Eyes and Sirloins. Since the early 2000s this trend has been taking the international culinary world by storm. From Michelin-starred chefs, to pitmasters and amateur cooks, people worldwide have been falling in love with the unique taste of this luxury product. But don't be mistaken, the basis for a great dry-aging result is always first rate beef with very good marbling.

Despite this history, dry-aged beef is only just becoming known in New Zealand. At Matangi we are proud to be able to offer you the experience of a High-End Steak house, in your own home.

In order to produce this very special product, we use DRY AGER™ Cabinets imported from Germany. Please visit their website www.dryager.com.au if you would like to find out more.

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