Chuck Ribeye

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Chuck Ribeye

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The name says it all. The same muscle as Ribeye but further in the Chuck (neck). Read More

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A closer look at the Chuck Ribeye

The name says it all. The same muscle as Ribeye but further in the Chuck (neck). It has the same qualities as the Ribeye, with the perfect balance of flavour and tenderness, but without the rib bone.

To enjoy the Chuck Ribeye keep it simple: season with salt and pepper, place in a hot skillet with some butter and oil, cook to medium rare and enjoy. Simple!

Like every other Matangi cut it holds rich 100% grass fed beef flavours enhanced by our unique 3 weeks dry aging process.

Chuck Ribeye

Cooking Instructions

Matangi Chuck Ribeye comes from the same muscle as the Ribeye, just higher in the Chuck. It needs to be tied as a roast or cut into nice, thick (2.5-5cm) steaks. Ideally season your Chuck Ribeye the day before cooking with sea salt flakes or take out of the fridge one hour before cooking and salt it. 

To achieve both even cooking and a great sear you need to use dual cooking techniques. As the searing might disturb the butcher twine holding the Chuck Ribeye together, we advise you start with the ‘slow’ part of the cooking (either on the indirect heat side of your BBQ or in the oven). This is called reverse searing. Cook slowly at 120°C until the internal temperature reaches 40-43°C. Remove from the heat, cover with foil and rest for 10 minutes. 

Baste with olive oil or clarified butter and then place on a hot grill or cast-iron skillet to achieve a nice sear on all sides. Do not forget to remove the twine! It is ready to serve.

Crafted with precision...

Matangi Angus Beef is reserved for New Zealanders – meat connoisseurs, Kiwis or friends of Aotearoa who live here or visit – who want to experience the best grass-fed Angus beef.

Our meat is a luxury product perfect for special occasions. Offering a superior experience, we go the extra mile from breeding our own closed herd, with no butchering before 24 months, to hanging and dry ageing the quarters on the bone for three weeks before our in-house butchery team does the fine cutting. This produces the well marbled and succulent cuts our discerning customers expect and desire.

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Our mission...

The best grass-fed Angus Beef for Kiwi meat lovers.

The quality of our land is a key ingredient to raising healthy, strong and ultimately flavoursome Angus cattle. We breed and raise our animals over two properties within the Tuki Tuki catchment. Lush grass on nutritious soil, clean water in every paddock, shady trees, all contours of landscape – the perfect backdrop for contented animals. And we're constantly improving these wonderful places by planting native trees, fencing off creeks, protecting the soil and our water sources.


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