Why Order Meat Online? The Benefits of Click-and-Ship Meat Shopping

ordering meat online benefits

While the title "butcher" may have endured over time, the way quality butchers promote and sell their products has evolved in parallel with technological advancements and advancing consumer preferences. 

For instance, did you know that premium cuts of meat, including steaks, can now be ordered online from those producers who understand the importance of moving with the times?

Read on to discover some of the benefits of online ordering.

The Benefits

  • Variety - The Spice of Life
Increased selection is one of the primary advantages of getting meat online. New Zealand is well-known for its distinctive meats, with prime beef options across mince, schnitzel, dry-aged steak cuts, roasts - even stock bones to enhance flavour for stirfrys, casseroles - and rich sauces and gravies. Ordering online opens up greater possibilities, allowing you to access better-quality cuts than those available locally.
  • Pick Convenience

Say goodbye to harrowing after-work shopping trips and long queues for disappointing cuts at the supermarket. With Matangi’s convenient online service, you can order your favourite cuts of meat from the comfort of your home. Life gets busy, but nutrition should still be forefronted. So, those of you with hectic schedules will appreciate the simplicity of click-and-ship service, with delivery to your doorstep. 

  • Quality Assurance

Reputable online meat suppliers will prioritise product quality by offering detailed information about provenance. At Matangi, we talk about the landscape, living conditions, the food we offer our cattle, and our processing techniques. Because of this transparency, you can make more informed selections about what you are eating and ensure that our values around sustainable production align.

Matangi Angus Beef is a premium beef product produced sustainably and supports a family-owned boutique cattle station. We take great pride in breeding our cattle with a focus on outstanding 'eating quality,' which means we prioritise features like intramuscular fat or marbling to guarantee that our meat is always flavorful and delicate. 

Our beef is independently graded for marbling, pH and meat colour. We refer to all beef with a Marble Score of 4+ (with low pH, specific meat and fat colour) as "Matangi Reserve Grade".

We are committed to environmentally responsible and ethical agricultural practices, and we prioritise more grass cover, reduced use of synthetic fertiliser, and subdivided paddocks, which all contribute to improved soil health, animal well-being, and premium meat quality.

Here’s our guide on how to choose the best beef cuts.

  • Customisation is Key

At Matangi, our online store includes customisation features that allow you to tailor your order to your unique needs. Whether you prefer specific cuts or portion quantities, the flexibility we provide ensures that you get exactly what you want.

  • Fresh is Best

We can guarantee freshness because we utilise market-leading innovative packing and shipping methods. Matangi packages our deliveries in Chilltainers with wool insulation and ice packs to ensure that your meat arrives in the best condition.

  • Access to Specialty and Unique Cuts

Because we are a boutique producer, our in-house butchery team focuses on specialist cuts, which draw on international influences. This approach means we are able to provide our customers with access to cuts they may not be able to get elsewhere.  For ambitious home cooks, this opens up a world of gastronomic possibilities.

When buying dry-aged beef, choosing a reputable supplier you can trust is vital. At Matangi, we pride ourselves on offering premium quality, dry-aged beef carefully tended in our DRY AGER™ cabinets, which we import from Germany - because they are the best.

  • Reduced Food Waste

You can buy just the amount you require when you order your beef online. This can help reduce food waste because you can avoid purchasing more than you'll need. At Matangi, we also take great care in monitoring the delivery of your orders to ensure that your product arrives in premium condition.

Ready to transform your meals with the finest beef from New Zealand?

Order online today to sample our premium selection. Elevate your cooking and dining experience with Matangi Angus Beef. Click, ship, and savour the taste of New Zealand's finest Angus Beef.