Last Chance to Enjoy Our Finest Grass-Fed Angus Beef This Season!

Last Chance to Enjoy Our Finest Grass-Fed Angus Beef This Season!

As the winter months begin to settle in, Matangi moves with the seasons. We raise our animals alongside the natural rhythms of the land, and during these colder months, we focus on taking the best possible care of our herd and our properties within the lush Tuki Tuki catchment. This time of year heralds the end of our production until spring, and it’s when we work on our soil regeneration and ensure the cattle get the best possible care as we bed down to wait for the weather to heat up again.

At Matangi, our land quality is of the utmost importance - alongside customer satisfaction. So we aim to ensure our customers can enjoy our world-class grass-fed beef NZ-wide—even when production stops for winter. Today, we will run you through our process during this time and give you some great tips on the best way to order and store your Matangi products to ensure your winter meals have the great taste and nutrition you need to get through the crisp days and the hearty fireside nights.

Enjoy Grass-Fed Beef NZ-Wide All Year Long

While our 2023/24 season is wrapping up, you can still cook our delicious beef for yourself, your family, and your friends—you just need to do a little forward planning. We will be heading out to manage final deliveries for the Fourth of July—that’s our final fresh grass-fed beef NZ-wide deliveries.

After this date, we will be offering a limited number of Matangi Frozen boxes, which our customers will be able to order online. Our off-season is quite short, and if you miss the online window for these frozen products, you can make your way to Hastings to purchase frozen cuts in-store. Our Hastings store takes a short break in August and hours are somewhat reduced.

Order Fresh to Freeze at Home

Stocking up for winter is easy when you order online ⁠from the Matangi store and we currently have a wide array of fresh grass-fed beef NZ cuts to choose from. For example, think ahead to entertaining with a spicy Vietnamese Pho utilising our exceptional Topside Lean Roast!

Deliver hearty, nutritious low and slow dishes from the crockpot or slow cooker to the family table with a spice-rubbed Brisket or a classic Osso Buco style braise featuring Matangi’s Shin Steaks with the Bone In.

Order all these delectable cuts and much more, including schnitzel, sausages and mince, for a July 4th delivery and clear the freezer in advance.

Buy Our Prepacked Freezer Boxes

If you want to leave it up to our professional team to ensure you have everything you need for a healthy winter, you can select from our freezer boxes. Start with the Matangi Roast Box as a fundamental stock-up and enjoy a selection including a Rump, Topside, and a Bolar Roast alongside 500g of diced beef and our exceptional premium dry-aged mince.

Make sure you are covered for hearty stews and easy, slow-cooked masterpieces with foundational cuts like those in our Matangi Low and Slow Winter Warmers Box. This includes bone-in shin steaks, hand-diced beef perfect for casseroles, a delicious corned silverside, a bolar, a chuck roast, and a brisket that is bound to impress. 

If you are thinking of quick mid-week meals, you can’t go past the Matangi Freezer Essentials Box. This is a must-have selection of frozen grass-fed beef NZ families can enjoy all year round. Discover new stir fry recipes, cook a warming winter bolognese with premium dry-aged mince or explore our delicious handmade sausages in a range of flavours, including Roast Onion & Seeded English Mustard/Roast Beef, Mandy's Horseradish/Craggy Range Merlot or Cracked Pepper/Classic Beef/.

Stock up on these three boxes, and you will never be disappointed when you reach for something good from the freezer.

Prioritise Flavour & Good Health

One last tip for the winter close down - stock up on stock! Nothing beats a homestyle beef stock, and it’s so easy to deliver a tantalising stock to the table with our grass-fed beef NZ Stock Bones. We sell these by the kilo, so order a few before we shut for the season to explore the health benefits and intense flavours of a real stock base for your soups, stews, casseroles and sauces. Beef up your stock pot with winter herbs and root vegetables and freeze your stock onto smaller serves - including ice cube trays so you can make this winter the best one yet.

Order Now For July 4th Delivery

It’s time to get all your ducks in a row. Visit the online shop now and choose a mix of fresh and frozen products to keep your plate packed with flavour throughout the colder months.

Browse the shop, read our recipes, and don’t forget that the cut-off for fresh delivery for the 2024 season is July 4th.