Exploring the Health Benefits of Flat Iron Steak

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Renowned British chef Jamie Oliver once called flat iron steak his favourite cut… need we say more?

This iconic cut of beef is one of the most versatile steaks you can choose, opening the doors to a wide variety of recipes, flavours, and delicious meals. But today, we’re not focusing on that. Today, we’re talking about health.

Specifically, what makes flat iron beef a good choice for your body and tastebuds? Read on as the team at Matangi Beef – New Zealand’s premium dry-aged Angus beef supplier, breaks down the humble flat iron.

What is Flat Iron Steak?

Also known as butler’s steak, oyster blade steak, chuck tender, or mock tender, flat iron steak has many names. It also has a reputation as a somewhat ‘cheap’ cut of meat. However, this is actually a delectable cut that has gained massive popularity in the last decade.

Flat iron steak is sourced from the shoulder of the Angus. This is a hard-working part of the animal, meaning the meat is more robust and more forgiving when overcooked. It’s also a well-marbled cut that boasts tons of flavour due to a rich network of healthy fats underlying the muscle.

The flat iron steak is very versatile, able to be enjoyed as-is or in salads, sandwiches, and stir-fry meals. This steak is everywhere, from the family table and the entertainer's platter all the way to the menus of top chefs' kitchens across the country.

The Health Benefits of Flat Iron Steak

Interestingly, many people don’t know about the health benefits of this delicious cut. Usually prized for its tenderness and versatility, the flat iron steak also hides a few interesting upsides that contribute to your well-being.

Rich in Protein

Of course, like other cuts of beef, flat iron steak is a great source of protein. Eating healthy protein contributes to your body’s ability to build and repair tissues, grow muscles, and even generate red blood cells. Without enough protein in your diet, you may become iron deficient or anaemic, which hampers the flow of oxygen to your muscles and brain.

Low in Calories

For anyone seeking a lean cut of meat, there’s nothing better than the flat iron steak. While it’s well-marbled for flavour, this cut of meat is much leaner than most others. Trimmed of excess fat, this can be a consistent part of a healthy diet for your heart and waistline.

The high-density protein in beef means you can walk away from your meal satisfied, even if you only have a palm-sized piece of steak.

Contains Healthy Fats

Although this is a lean cut of meat, it still contains a small amount of healthy fats that are vital to your ongoing health. Monosaturated fats can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood, thus lowering your risk of heart disease, and they’re plentiful in this cut. Flat iron beef is also a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which target heart and brain function.

Better When Dry-Aged

Dry-aged flat iron steak is even better for you. A dry-aged steak's curing process condenses those nutrients, providing more protein in a smaller cut and encouraging the growth of healthy enzymes. This can contribute to muscle growth. Think of it like a condensed, better-tasting, superior version of the standard flat iron steak.

Easy to Include in Weekly Meals

Finally, many people struggle with including enough protein in their diets. With the rising cost of beef as well as inexperience with cooking more complex cuts, it can be difficult to include a healthy amount of red meat in your diet.

But with the flat iron steak, you get an ultra-versatile cut that you can include in a variety of meals. Also, it’s quite forgiving if it’s overcooked, making it novice-friendly!

Enjoyed on its own with a dash of herb butter, this is an absolutely delicious base for a meal. However, it’s also at home in a slow-cooked stew, a flash-fried salad, or bathing in a delicious stir-fry sauce atop a bowl of noodles. This versatility means anyone can cook with a flat iron steak and still come out with something delicious.

The flat iron steak is a great addition to any healthy diet. In moderation, lean red meat contributes to your heart health, lowering bad cholesterol and maintaining optimal levels of protein in your system. This is especially true when you pick a dry-aged cut.

As New Zealand’s boutique providers of grass-fed, dry-aged Angus flat iron, we’re huge fans of this cut of meat.

Explore the dry-aged difference in your next piece of flat iron steak.

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