Matangi & Bootleg Jerky Co | A Meat Snacking Match Like No Other

Matangi & Bootleg Jerky Co | A Meat Snacking Match Like No Other

Jerky is coming into its own in New Zealand thanks to the likes of Bootleg Jerky, which makes its premium jerky using only real ingredients – resulting in a jerky that’s an authentic nod to prohibition-era USA.

Ash and the team at Bootleg have now taken our Angus Beef and made a limited-edition small-batch jerky that’s full of flavour, extra-meaty and a cut above.

Why Is Bootleg Jerky different?

Bootleg’s success lies in its approach. Using only meat, marinade and time, their meat is never brined in sugar to increase its volume, and there are no added artificial preservatives like MSG or nitrates.

Bootleg Jerky began after a trip to the USA, where jerky is hugely popular. Co-founder Ash Razmi quickly realised that no premium beef jerky was being made in New Zealand at the time.

Spotting a gap in the market, Bootleg Jerky was soon born, initially selling at local markets, but their swift success has seen them move into a purpose-built facility in Auckland. Despite launching just before the pandemic the business has steadily grown, influenced by jerky becoming more popular as people seek out convenient, high-protein snack foods.

“Most people don’t realise lots of jerkies are mass-produced and packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. We’re doing things differently, using real ingredients and only 100 per cent grass-fed NZ beef to produce the meatiest, most authentic jerky around,”  says Ash.

How is Bootleg’s premium jerky created?

Bootleg’s small-batch jerky starts its life as premium quality meat marinated in natural ingredients for three days. Each piece will begin as meat around three times the size of the finished product before it is condensed down through the drying process.

What brought Bootleg and Matangi together?

Just like Bootleg Jerky, we take pride in the eating quality of our beef - and together, we’ve created an incredibly rich and meaty jerky.

“When people taste our jerky, they remark on how different it is to the other highly processed jerky products you can buy in NZ, with a richer, meatier flavour and a different texture. When you add to that the incredible quality of Matangi beef, it results in a jerky that is meatier still, with a real depth of flavour and umami you have to try to believe,” says Razmi.

Here at Matangi, we’re so pleased to be able to collaborate with a like-minded producer and see the quality of our beef shine through in New Zealand’s best premium jerky.


Keen to try some? You can purchase the limited-edition Matangi - Bootleg Jerky here.


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